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The Morrison & Hughes Promise

office-pictureWhen Tristan and I started talking about opening our own firm, we knew two things: we wanted to help people that were hurt against the big corporations and we wanted to do it for the fine people of Georgia.

After law school, Tristan went to work representing insurance companies, and I worked as a strategy consultant for large businesses. After nearly a decade, we both knew that our hearts weren’t in it. We wanted to help people. People like us, with strong work ethics and sincere family values. Now we meet people like that every day, from all parts of Georgia.

Morrison & Hughes is passionate about helping injured workers get a fair hearing and a fair settlement. There are too many companies out there that simply look at the bottom line and refuse to pay their employees what’s legally due. We spent years on that side of the fence. and we know the tricks they’ll pull to make money at your expense. Let our experience help you be treated fairly.

Let us talk to you before you approach your employer and their insurance company alone. One of our attorneys will sit down with you, taking the time to talk over your case, and explain what your rights might be. Even if you don’t end up hiring us, we’re more than happy to give you that free legal consultation.

At Morrison & Hughes, we care about you, we care about your case, and we know your experience as a client will prove this to you.


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