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Leon Hilliard Hughes, Esq.

leon-hilliard-hughesHil Hughes attended Emory University as an undergraduate, majoring in Chemisty, Philosophy, and Asian Studies. He has since attended Stanford’s Japanese program in Kyoto; holds an MBA from Georgia State and the Sorbonne in Paris, France; has been awarded a Certificate in the field of International Finance from Rio de Janeiro’s Coppead School of Business; and a law degree from the University of Georgia where his 2005 law article in the UGA Journal of Intellectual Property Law focused on the IP laws of both Japan and the United States.

Mr. Hughes has extensive consulting experience ranging from small startup businesses to consulting with Fortune 50 companies on matters such as business formation, intellectual property concerns, marketing strategy, and infrastructure. Although he has worked with large, successful corporations, he prefers smaller startup companies and the challenges of helping enterpreneurs grow a new business and maximize their profitability.