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When is the Best Time to Call a Marietta Car Accident Lawyer

Marietta Car Accident LawyerGeorgia law gives people injured in a car accident through the negligence of another party two years to file a personal injury lawsuit against him or her. If you are considering this action yourself, it is generally in your best interest to secure a Marietta car accident lawyer as quickly as possible. This gives your attorney the most time to begin investing your claim, serve the personal injury lawsuit on the other party, and negotiate with the insurance company or represent you in court.

When Your Situation Demands Immediate Representation by a Marietta Car Accident Lawyer

Some situations are more serious when it comes to car accidents and other forms of personal injury. Below are several examples of times when you should contact an attorney immediately.

  • You or a passenger in your vehicle have suffer serious or life-altering injuries that will require financial resources to manage.
  • The insurance agent who is supposed to represent you hires an attorney of his or her own. This usually means the insurance company plans to fight your claim.
  • A human being riding in the car with your suffered fatal injuries.
  • Your insurance company insists you did not pay the required premiums or you have no insurance to submit a claim to in the first place.
  • You have reason to believe the other party plans to pin most of the blame for the car accident on you or deny culpability altogether.
  • You have low limits on your liability insurance policy.
  • The accident involved other people, including pedestrians, bicyclists, or other motorists.
  • The case involves complex medical, legal, or technical information.
  • The accident took place within a construction zone.
  • You feel the police report is inaccurate and that it assigns blame for the accident to you.

A Marietta car accident lawyer from Morrison & Hughes will interview you to find out more about the background of the case and the issues you currently face in obtaining justice.

When You May Be Able to Wait Longer for a Consultation

Some situations are not as serious as others when it comes to car accidents. Here are some situations that don’t require immediate assistance from a Marietta car accident lawyer.

  • You are uncertain of your legal rights as a car accident victim.
  • You would like an estimate on how much your case might be worth.
  • You feel confused about the various terms in your insurance policy.
  • You are not sure how to counteract offers from the other party’s insurance company that you do not feel are fair.

Whether you need immediate help or it can wait a bit, we encourage you to contact us at 404-800-5297 to request a free personal legal consultation. We will help you identify and work with any problems listed above at the time we take your claim. Winning your lawsuit means that you will receive payment for medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and several other potential categories of compensation.

Who Should Hire a Marietta Car Accident Attorney?

marietta car accident attorneyIt is common immediately after a car accident for people to feel like they can handle the situation themselves. They avoid hiring a Marietta car accident attorney because they want to get through the stressful situation as soon as possible. They may not realize that settling a car accident claim is often a long process. Several things can go wrong, such as the other party denying responsibility or receiving an offer from the insurance company that you feel is too low. These are just two examples when hiring a Marietta car accident attorney is in your best interest. Continue reading

How Does an Auto Accident Affect Your Insurance Rates?

auto accident insurance ratesIt is common for people to feel hesitant to file a claim with their insurance company when they get into a car accident because they fear it will automatically increase their rates. Fortunately, this is not always the case. Determining auto insurance rates can be complicated and agents take many other factors into consideration besides your recent accident. Our Marietta auto accident lawyer discusses some of these factors below. Continue reading

Why Hire a Marietta Car Accident Lawyer

marietta car accident lawyer

You may be considering hiring a Marietta car accident lawyer if you have recently been in a car accident that caused significant injuries. You may also be considering representing yourself or simply paying your own out-of-pocket expenses even though someone else’s negligence caused your injuries and property damage. If you find yourself in this position, working with an experienced Marietta car accident lawyer is always your best bet. We discuss some of the reasons for making this statement below.

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When to Hire a Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer

marietta personal injury lawyer

Have you recently sustained injuries in a car accident, a slip and fall accident, through medical error, or another negligent act? If so, you may feel a great deal of stress wondering how you’re going to put your life back together. This is especially true if you have had to miss work and have many medical bills to pay. A Marietta personal injury lawyer will investigate your case and represent your interests in court or by negotiating with the insurance company of the party that caused your injuries. If you plan to file a lawsuit, you really can’t afford to attempt it on your own.

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DUI Drivers Cause Thousands of Car Crashes Each Day

The Center for Disease Control (CC) reports there are approximately One Hundred and Twelve Million (112,000,000) incidents of people drinking then getting behind the wheel in the United States each year.  That equates to almost Three Hundred Thousand (300,000) drinking and driving incidents each day!  The tragic result of this behavior?  Approximately 11,000 alcohol-caused fatalities each year. Continue reading

Should You Appeal a Workers’ Compensation Denial? Five Important Steps to Preserve Your Claim

Should You Appeal a Workers’ Compensation Denial? Five Important Steps to Preserve Your Claim

If you filed a workers’ compensation claim only to be denied by the insurance company, you may feel like giving up. While it can be frustrating to face a denial, there are steps that can be taken to preserve your claim.

The workers’ compensation attorneys at our Marietta, GA office offer these important steps to follow to ensure your workers’ compensation claim is maintained.

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Is Your Workers Comp Claim Worth Taking to Court? What You Need to Know

Is Your Workers Comp Claim Worth Taking to Court? What You Need to Know

It only takes a moment for an injury at work to turn your world upside down. If you suffer an injury or an illness caused by your job, you may not know what to do next.

What happens if you have to be off work? 

Are you entitled to workers’ compensation benefits? 

Here is some important information from the workers’ compensation attorneys in our Marietta, GA office.

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What Does the Social Security Administration Really Want to Know About What You Can and Can’t Do at Home?

What Does the Social Security Administration Really Want to Know About What You Can and Can’t Do at Home?

Do you need help with the government’s complex rules about getting disability benefits for yourself or a loved one?  

How do you know when you are you entitled to SSDI, SSI, or other forms of government assistance?

When a disabling injury or illness strikes, a strong advocate can be the difference between being getting the benefits you deserve, and the sinking feeling of despair in having your application denied.

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No Two Patients Are Alike – Understanding Standard of Care and Medical Malpractice – From an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

No Two Patients Are Alike – Understanding Standard of Care and Medical Malpractice – From an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

As personal injury attorneys as well as community members in Marietta, GA, we’d like to believe that doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals will always provide the right treatment. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s just not the case.

Errors by medical staff can lead to traumatic injuries and death.

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