Worker’s Compensation

Can I Get Workers’ Compensation If I’ve Been Injured in a Work-Related Car Accident?

You’ve just been involved in a work-related automobile accident and have sustained a serious injury. As frightening and traumatic as this experience can be, it’s not unusual for your job to be the first thing you think about. Your natural instinct may be to contemplate your job security and how you are going to support your family.

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Should You Appeal a Workers’ Compensation Denial? Five Important Steps to Preserve Your Claim

Should You Appeal a Workers’ Compensation Denial? Five Important Steps to Preserve Your Claim

If you filed a workers’ compensation claim only to be denied by the insurance company, you may feel like giving up. While it can be frustrating to face a denial, there are steps that can be taken to preserve your claim.

The workers’ compensation attorneys at our Marietta, GA office offer these important steps to follow to ensure your workers’ compensation claim is maintained.

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Defamed by a Doctor? Caselaw Update

attorney-picWhat rights do I have when a doctor writes something false or hurtful in my medical records during a workers’ compensation claim? 

CASE:   Jasarevic v. Foster, A15A2218 (citation pending), decidedJanuary 26, 2016.

Mr. Jasarevic was injured at work, and the State Board of Workers’ Compensation determined that Dr. Foster would be his authorized treating physician. An authorized treating physician (“ATP”) has a lot of power in a workers’ compensation claim, because the ATP is allowed to make decisions about whether an injured employee is able to work, what treatment the employee can get, and whether the employee can be referred to other specialists. The ATP also shares his or her notes with the insurance company in most situations. So whatever the ATP writes about your case in his medical notes has a huge impact on the care and benefits that you get. Continue reading

Morrison & Hughes Discusses Workers Compensation on Ask the Expert Podcast

Ask the Expert recently interviewed our very own Tristan Morrison about workers’ compensation.  In this 17 minute podcast, Tristan discusses what claimants, and even other lawyers, need to know when they’ve had a work accident or what to consider when representing a claimant.  Click below to learn what to do when you have an accident, how to properly and timely report your work accident, and what medical and income benefits you are entitled to from your Employer. Continue reading