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Workers Compensation

I Got Hurt at Work. Now What? Will I Need to Sue?

At Morrison & Hughes, we understand that getting hurt at work can be stressful, and you may not know your rights. Employers and their insurance companies may try to avoid providing you the benefits required by the law. To protect yourself, it is critical to get advice from someone experienced. Workers’ Compensation is a no-fault system, so even if your employer has accused you of being careless, they are not allowed to deny you benefits on that basis.


“I’ve Just Been Injured!
What should I do First?”

If necessary, first seek emergency care. Under the law, you must also report your accident.


Tell Your Boss That You Got Hurt! When you get hurt on the job, it is very important to report your accident to a supervisor immediately. If you do not tell a manager at work about your accident ASAP, you can lose your rights to get workers’ compensation benefits. Be honest, and tell your supervisor about all of the parts of your body that got injured. Even if one part of your body hurts less than another, tell your supervisor about both. Otherwise, your employer may later claim that you never reported all of your injuries.


“What Kinds of Work Accidents
Do You Handle?”

Work Accidents Come in Many forms.
We handle them all.


If you had a serious accident at work which has resulted in a disability or ongoing work restrictions, an experienced workers compensation attorney in Marietta can give you a better understanding of your rights. We handle a wide range of accidents, including catastrophic accidents and death claims. Neck, back, and other spinal injuries often occur on the job, as do injuries to the knees, shoulders, and other joints. Injuries which we frequently see include crush injuries, RSD/CRPS, amputations, burns, traumatic brain injuries, and injuries resulting in industrial hearing loss or blindness. In some cases, occupational diseases are also compensable. Additionally, when expert medical evidence shows that a stroke or heart attack is caused by your job, that stroke or heart attack may also be compensable.

The Insurance Adjuster just called, asking for a Recorded Statement… Should I talk with her?

While working with the Insurance Company may be necessary, do NOT provide a recorded statement before you talk with an attorney. The Insurance Company is gathering information that it can use to deny your claim or cut off your benefits. Let our workers compensation lawyer guide you through this process.

“Am I Under Surveillance?”
Insurance Companies Can, and Frequently Do, Hire Private Investigators.

Can the Insurance Company Hire a Private Investigator to Spy on Me? Yes! Insurance companies can, and often do, hire investigators to take photographs or videos of you during the course of your injury. Surveillance that shows you working, or being more physical than your doctor has recommended, may be admissible at a hearing. That is why you need an attorney familiar with the rules of evidence, and the tactics that insurance companies use to place you under surveillance.

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