Highly Recommend
5.0 stars
Posted by Tracy

“Mr. Morrison is one other the most helpful attorney I know he is kind and also good at his job. He is straight to the point.”

Accident Cover-up
5.0 stars
Posted by Johnny

“Tristian explained what my rights were under workers compensation and how the company I was working for failed to right by an employee that was hurt on the job and proved the company was at fault”

Workman’s Comp Case
5.0 stars
Posted by Nathan

“He is an excellent attorney. He is very knowledgeable about Workman’s Comp. I received my benefits expeditiously. Thanks Mr. Morrison.”

All We Wanted Was What Was “Right”
5.0 stars
Posted by Booker

“We came to Tristan when my husband’s workman’s comp agreement was abruptly halted last year. Naively, we couldn’t conceive of such a “promise” being broken. But in today’s climate, it happens time and time again. Our only hope was to seek justice via an appeal. Throughout the process, Tristan was steady and measured, and quoted diligence, not hype.

We were willing to be patient and trust him, although at times it felt like we were just in line in “the system”. Patience is a virtue, ‘right’ does still have a place in justice, and if you don’t ask, the answer will always be NO! I’m glad we met and trusted Tristan Morrison. This review is from a person who hired this attorney.”

Tristan Morrison
5.0 stars
Posted by JR

“He proved to get the best possible results regarding my Workers compensation claim. He did absolutely everything he could to help me with the case. He offered any assistance he could, and it was proven he was a very efficient attorney. Was very knowledgeable in his area of practice. I HIGHLY recommend him for anything Workers compensation related. I promise you will have the best attorney for Workers compensation.

Professional and courteous an attorney. Exactly what you would expect. I hope I never need a Workers compensation attorney again. If it does come across my path, my first call would be to Tristan Morrison, and if you are looking for an attorney who will get the job done I would not even bother calling anyone else. He is exactly what you need. I promise I would not be writing this review unless I believed in Tristan’s abilities. I hope you all choose to do the same in your Workers compensation related claims. This review is from a person who hired this attorney.”

Excellent lawyer
5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous

“Tristan did an excellent job of handling my husband’s worker compensation claim. He stayed on top of all of his doctor appointments and kept in good communication with us about how the claim is going and being handled. Once everything was settled, he stayed in communication to assure that there were no outstanding issues that needed to be handled and to check on how my husband was doing.”

Not your average attorney
5.0 stars
Posted by Debbie

“I am very pleased with how Tristan handled my case. I found him through another firm, but knew nothing about him other than their recommendation. I found him to be knowledgeable and precise in his dealings with my case. I would highly recommend him to others who are in need of his professional advice.”

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