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What to Do After a Car Accident

Marietta auto accident lawyer

It can be difficult to remain calm after a car accident, especially when it appears to have been the other driver’s fault. However, remaining as calm as possible will allow you to think clearly and preserve evidence at the scene. This is important should you want to hire a Marietta auto accident lawyer and pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Continue reading

Has Georgia’s Hands-Free Law Reduced Distracted Driving?

marietta auto accident attorney

While people sometimes assume that distracted driving only refers to talking on a cell phone or sending or reading text messages, the definition is actually much broader than that. Anything that takes the driver’s attention away from safe operation of the vehicle for even a second is considered distracted driving.

Common examples include reaching to change the radio dial, eating, operating a GPS system, and turning to talk to passengers in the car. However, it has been the experience of the Marietta auto accident attorney at Morrison & Hughes that texting is the most serious type of distraction of all. Continue reading