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A major car accident can change your life in seconds, both physically and financially. For those who aren’t prepared, an auto accident can completely upend the lifestyle they’ve grown accustomed to. That’s why the Marietta car accident lawyers at Morrison & Hughes Law are dedicated to helping protect drivers from the complications that can occur after in the aftermath of a car or truck accident. Our attorneys can help you receive compensation for your medical expenses, time missed from work, property damage, and anything else you’re owed.

Driver inattention, disregard for safety rules, driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, or a general lack of driving skills are some of the most common causes of car accidents. Drivers in Georgia face a significantly higher risk of getting into accidents than many other states, and due to this, our Marietta car accident lawyers have worked with thousands of clients whose lives have been affected by another driver’s negligence.

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FAQ: What Should I Do if I’ve Been Injured in an Auto Accident?
Depending on the severity of the auto accident, a driver may be facing substantial injury or loss of function. Recovering from the injuries, coping with any financial liabilities, and adjusting your daily activities afterward can be very difficult, but there is help. A qualified Marietta auto accident lawyer can mitigate some of these issues, handling the legal process and working to make sure you receive every dollar of compensation owed to you.

If you’ve been in a car accident, our lawyers advise that you:
  • 1 Get a medical examination: The first thing you should do is get a medical examination. This will let you know exactly what physical injuries you may be dealing with, and how your life may be impacted by the incident. Keep track of all medical details, fees, and obligations your doctors may require.
  • 2 Collect Evidence: If your case goes to court, you’re going to need as much evidence as possible to help back your case. Take as many photos and collect as much physical evidence of the accident as you can, so you’re prepared. Remember, we can help with this process with our team of investigators, so call us early.
  • 3 Find appropriate legal representation: Before you do anything else, you will need to contact an auto accident attorney that is equipped to handle the ensuing legal process. They will be your most trusted resource as you navigate the legal proceedings that are to come.
  • 4 File a claim with your lawyer: If you have been injured in a car accident, you need to take prompt action to protect your legal rights. Keep in mind that the state of Georgia places a time limit on filing a claim in civil court after an auto accident, so it’s important that you and your car accident lawyer move quickly.
What Happens After a Car Accident in Marietta, Georgia?
    If you get into a car accident, expect these events to occur:

  • Police will follow their department’s standard law enforcement protocols, including documenting the events that led to the auto accident. They will attempt to determine who was at fault. A police report is usually filled out at the location of the accident.

  • Your personal injury lawyer will review the accident report. Your attorney may then decide to hire an independent expert to perform an analysis of all relevant facts of the auto accident.

  • The expert will then examine the crash site as well as the remaining pieces of all vehicles involved in the accident. The expert will then present a professional assessment of what occurred in the accident and a conclusion on the cause.

  • Your attorney will prepare a compensation claim for you, based upon the findings in the independent expert’s accident analysis.
Who Must Pay for My Losses from an Auto Accident?
If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident, you know just how costly they can be. Typically, whichever party was at fault must pay for the damages incurred in a car accident. However, there are instances in which you may be entitled to financial compensation from one or more parties, including:

  • The driver or other person who was at fault for the accident.

  • The auto insurance company for the person who caused the accident.

  • Another person or other entity with financial responsibility for damages that that person causes.

  • A vehicle owner or driver who was negligent in correcting issues that contributed to the cause of the accident.

  • A company or individual for whom a contractor is loading or driving a vehicle improperly.

  • A manufacturer or government department or agency that was negligent in addressing an unsafe condition that contributed to the cause of the auto accident.
What Compensation Can I Receive for My Losses?
If you are injured in an auto accident in Georgia, you may be entitled to compensation for various kinds of losses you have incurred, including:

  • Medical expenses

  • Property damage

  • Loss of income

  • Loss of future income

  • Loss of physical function

  • Emotional distress

  • Pain and suffering

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Take back control of your case - and your life.

Get the attentive legal advice and support you need to win.

Receive every benefit and recovery you deserve under the law.

Take back control of your case - and your life.

Get the attentive legal advice and support you need to win.

Receive every benefit and recovery you deserve under the law.

Lawsuits can be overwhelming and exhausting, especially when you have been injured or are going up against an employer or insurance company. You don't have to fight alone - with expert attorneys with decades of experience in personal injury, workers' compensation, and social security and disability, Morrison & Hughes has the experience to guide you all the way through to life after lawsuits.

Results: $1.2 Million Rear-End Accident


Our client recovered $1.2 million dollars in settlement after being rear-ended by a commercial moving vehicle. Although the company originally claimed the truck driver was not their employee, Morrison & Hughes proved that the movers were at fault and recovered over a million dollars for our client’s pain and suffering and medical care.


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To anyone reading this review I would like to say Jonathan Smith and Morrison & Hughes really helped me out when I needed it. I was going through a rough time with my injury and they were very helpful very informational and very concerning to my situation and after working with them and Jonathan Smith if I ever had another personal injury case or anything that they would represent they would be my first and only phone call. Thank you Jonathan Smith and Morrison & Hughes.



First off I just want to start by saying Paul Jenkins saved my life. I am married with kids and used to work for IBM but I got sick. Going from 2 incomes to just 1 was incredibly hard and I didn’t know how much longer we were going to make it. Well I just so happen to google disability lawyers and called the law firm. Then my angel from God (I know dramatic) Paul Jenkins took my case. If I wouldn’t have had him as a lawyer I really don’t think I would have won. Our first conversation on the phone was for 1 hour and he gave me so much information. We met a couple of times after that. Well about 6 months later we got our court date and 2 days before the court date he started prepping me. We spoke for 4 hours over 2 days and I was totally prepared to go into court. I was ready for any question that the judge or Paul had for me. I just got word that my case was approved. Thank you Paul. You were amazing.



When I needed documents reviewed and legal advice, I reached out to Morrison & Hughes (M&H). They provided a prompt response and great guidance for my issues. I appreciate the care and consideration they put into tasks which may have been trivial or small to others. In the world today, it is refreshing to be treated respectfully and with the professional courtesy which M&H has shown me. Thank you Mr. Morrison and Mr. Hughes!

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Randy was injured in a rear-end collision while on the job, resulting in catastrophic injuries to his neck, leaving him


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