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How to Report Your Work Accident: Tips from a Workers’ Comp Attorney

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After an accident occurs in the workplace, several thoughts might start running through your head. Did anyone see that? Was that my fault? How did that happen? Who should I tell? Asking yourself these questions is definitely the right thing to do, but a workers’ comp attorney would caution you to do one critical thing first: Report it.

If you have had an accident at work but do not follow the correct reporting steps, you could lose your workers’ compensation claim and not be compensated fairly for your injuries.

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Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Warn of the Danger of Going to an Occupational Clinic

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Most workers’ compensation lawyers will tell you that one of the biggest mistakes an injured worker can make is agreeing to treat at an occupational health clinic. In Georgia, numerous health clinics present themselves as experts or specialists in occupational medicine. Some of these clinics include:

  • Concentra (a.k.a. Concentra Medical Center, Concentra Occupational Health,
  • and Concentra Urgent Care);
  • S. HealthWorks;
  • Nova(a.k.a. Nova Medical Center);
  • Caduceus (a.k.a. Caduceus Occupational Medicine and Caduceus USA); and
  • Occupational HealthworX.

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Disability Benefits: What is the Difference Between SSI and SSDI? From a Marietta Injury Lawyer

Disability Benefits: What is the Difference Between SSI and SSDI?

Most people know that if they become disabled and cannot work, there is some type of government program that can provide disability benefits to those who qualify. The terminology can be confusing though—SSI, SSDI—what exactly are they, what’s the difference, and who qualifies? Here’s an overview from a Marietta injury lawyer to get you started.

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