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I Contracted Coronavirus at Work! Do I Have a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Morrison and Hughes Personal Injury Lawsuit Coronavirus

“Can I file an Injury claim related to Coronavirus?”

For Georgians who catch the coronavirus, this seemingly simple question is actually very complicated. Our personal injury lawyers have laid out the following to help you determine whether you have a personal injury lawsuit worth pursuing after you are diagnosed with the coronavirus.

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Tips for Finding the Right Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer

marietta personal injury lawyer

If you’ve sustained injury from a car accident or are having complications after major surgery, finding the right Marietta personal injury lawyer to handle your case can be an intimidating feat. The first step in finding the best lawyer for your unique situation is to understand what type of legal help you’re seeking. Do you want someone to handle the case in its entirety, from start to finish? Or are you more looking for guidance to settling a personal injury case yourself?

Either way, finding the right Marietta personal injury lawyer is the best way to ensure you receive the proper treatments and compensation you need for your injury.

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When to Hire a Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer

marietta personal injury lawyer

Have you recently sustained injuries in a car accident, a slip and fall accident, through medical error, or another negligent act? If so, you may feel a great deal of stress wondering how you’re going to put your life back together. This is especially true if you have had to miss work and have many medical bills to pay. A Marietta personal injury lawyer will investigate your case and represent your interests in court or by negotiating with the insurance company of the party that caused your injuries. If you plan to file a lawsuit, you really can’t afford to attempt it on your own.

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DUI Drivers Cause Thousands of Car Crashes Each Day

The Center for Disease Control (CC) reports there are approximately One Hundred and Twelve Million (112,000,000) incidents of people drinking then getting behind the wheel in the United States each year.  That equates to almost Three Hundred Thousand (300,000) drinking and driving incidents each day!  The tragic result of this behavior?  Approximately 11,000 alcohol-caused fatalities each year. Continue reading

Standard of Care and Medical Malpractice: Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

Morrison & Hughes Personal Injury Lawyer Medical Malpractice

As personal injury lawyers as well as community members in Marietta, GA, we’d like to believe that doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals will always provide the right treatment. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s just not the case.

Errors by medical staff can lead to traumatic injuries and death.

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Crying Over Spilled Coffee: How McDonald’s Served a Cup of Corporate Negligence

Morrison & Hughes Personal Injury Lawsuit: Crying Over Spilled Coffee

There are few lawsuits as famous—or as misunderstood—as the “McDonald’s hot coffee case,” Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants. This case has been held out as the poster child for “frivolous lawsuits” and “runaway juries” since it was decided in 1994. Many people cannot comprehend why plaintiff Stella Liebeck would win her personal injury lawsuit at all, much less be awarded $2.86 million by the jury. Continue reading

Personal Injury Lawyer in Marietta Advises – Settlement or Lawsuit?

Morrison & Hughes Personal Injury Lawyer in Marietta

She never saw it coming. The one-ton pickup ran a red light and plowed into her subcompact at an intersection, destroying her vehicle and her life dreams in an instant. Amy’s car accident resulted in devastating injuries, multiple surgeries, and ultimately, the loss of her leg, which was so damaged it could not be saved. Recovering from such trauma can take months, years, or perhaps never. Some things can’t be put back the way they once were. But on top of all the pain is the reality of dealing with the legal fallout from an accident. Amy knew she couldn’t handle it alone. She called a professional—a personal injury lawyer in Marietta, GA. Continue reading