Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Atlanta Car Accident and Personal Injury Attorneys

Handling a motor vehicle accident, personal injury, or a worker’s compensation claim can be a complicated process and we know you have questions. Below are some of the answers to questions that we have gotten in the past, posted by our qualified Atlanta auto accident attorneys at Morrison & Hughes law offices.

I’ve been seriously injured and can't drive. How do I get to your office?

Our accident lawyers will come to you. If you have lost mobility due to your accident, just call us, and an attorney or law group representative will come to your home to discuss your claim.

Where can I find additional information about my rights?

Aside from scheduling an appointment to speak with an attorney, you can also find information regarding workers’ compensation on the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation website. You can also review the State Board’s statutes and rules governing workers’ compensation.

What should I do first after my on-the-job accident?

Report your injury. As soon as you can after your injury, it’s very important that you make sure your employer knows that you have been hurt and that you need medical assistance. Under the law, failure to report your injury within 30 days may cause you to lose your rights.

I was hurt at work. Do I have to go to the doctor on my employer's panel of physicians?

Yes. Keep your doctor appointments. Even if you’d prefer to go to your own doctor, make sure to keep the appointments that your employer has set up. Refusing to cooperate with your medical treatment may cause you to lose certain benefits. If you think that the doctor selected by your employer or their insurance company isn’t treating your fairly, contact our Atlanta personal injury lawyers to help you determine your rights. Don’t wait too long! Severe medical conditions may not seem serious at first. It is important that you contact help as soon as you can. Personal injury cases need immediate attention.

What should I tell the doctor?

Tell the doctor everything at the beginning. A serious injury may not have major symptoms at first. Even if it seems minor to you, tell your doctors about all of your problems and all of the parts of your body which were hurt at work. For example, if you fell and injured your ankle, but you also have some back pain, you need to tell the doctor about both your ankle and your back. Failure to give your doctor a full, honest report of your injury may let the insurance company argue that your injuries were not caused by your accident.

The insurance company wants to talk to me. What should I say?

Don’t talk to the insurance company alone. If it gets to the point where the insurance company wants to take a recorded statement, it’s serious enough that you want legal help on your side. Call an experienced attorney who can represent you. Workers’ compensation is complicated, and one wrong word can keep you from getting the compensation you deserve.

It's been weeks and I haven’t received a check from the insurance adjuster for my workers’ compensation lost-wage benefits. What do I do?

If your authorized doctor excuses you from work, and your claim has been accepted by the insurance company, you should be getting weekly “TTD” benefits checks. If not, call us today to enforce your rights.

My employer wants me to complete an accident report. Should I? What should I say?

The law does not require you to fill out a written accident report in order to get workers’ compensation benefits. That said, you can use your work accident report as a chance to document all of your injuries. Make sure to list every single part of your body that was hurt in the accident, even if it does not seem badly hurt. Some injuries don’t seem that bad at first. If you don’t list a body part, the insurance company will almost always deny you care for that part of your body. So be as accurate, complete, and honest as possible.

My doctor recommended surgery. Now, the insurance company is sending me for an independent medical evaluation (IME). What is an IME, and why would the insurance company want one?

An IME is a one-time medical exam by the insurance company’s medical expert. It is used to develop bad medical evidence in an effort to deny you care or other benefits. The insurer usually gets an IME, because they need an excuse to deny something, such as surgery recommended by your treating doctor. An IME doctor may say that your problems were “pre-existing” or that the recommended care is unnecessary, even if you desperately need that treatment. Keep in mind that IME doctors are paid thousands of dollars by the insurance company, so their opinion will be harmful to your case almost 100% of the time. If your insurer wants an IME, it’s time to call an Atlanta auto accident attorney or injury lawyer.

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