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You need a law firm with the resources and experience needed to convince a court that another party is liable for your bodily harm. Each of our lawyers shares a passion for victim advocacy and fighting for the rights of those who are injured.

In the aftermath of a sudden car accident or a serious fall at work, you aren’t always thinking about gathering the evidence you need to win and maximize your recovery. That’s why the Morrison & Hughes’ team includes experienced investigators with a proven track record of being able to track down witnesses, find hit and run drivers, locate video evidence, and perform accident reconstruction. We’re always ready to start gathering evidence and building a case on your behalf, but remember, the sooner you contact an attorney in the aftermath of an accident or injury the better your case – and recovery – will be.

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Sometimes you just need to know where you stand. Insurance companies, employers, friends, family and 'experts' will all have different opinions on if you have a case and what it's worth. You can trust us to give you the no-nonsense bottom line. Book your free consultation today. We can even come to you!

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Name another law firm that has their own automated flying drone for car inspections. Or has a 3d printer to print a model of their client’s own spine. Why do we do better than other law firms? Our advanced technology ensures that we don’t miss the details that other firms do and makes sure we have the evidence you need to prove your case.

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Don’t take our word on it. Go read our reviews and watch our testimonials and you will see that we really do treat our clients like family. More importantly, we fight for you - bringing decades of experience and a passion for justice to bear on your behalf. They don't call us 'The Big Guns' for nothing. We fight - and we win - for you and your family.

Injuries Due To Negligence
Distracted driving and gross negligence can lead to catastrophic injury and medical bankruptcy. You have a family to care for and a job to do, so when a careless driver or an inexperienced medical practitioner causes you harm in any way, you have a right to petition a court for redress. Our attorneys have proven experience working on behalf of insurance companies and employers, so we have a clear understanding of the challenges you face in court, and we know how to beat the insurance companies.

Workplace regulations and traffic laws are in place for a reason. These guidelines and laws give the individual an opportunity to seek redress for their injuries. Our lawyers understand that the resulting costs involved with an injury go far beyond just the medical bills that are beginning to stack up beside your front door. That’s why we listen to you, not just your doctors. Your pain and suffering is just as important as everything else in your case.
The Cases We Handle
We handle cases where you are personally injured due to the negligence of another, no matter if it’s a car accident, medical malpractice, dog bite or from negligently maintained property. In those cases, w can help you seek reasonable compensation in a court of law. After all, the rules of the road, building codes, and hospital regulations are in place to protect you and your family from injury. When those rules are violated, you must hold the responsible party accountable.

Car accidents and truck accidents are the most common type of personal injury case. It’s important to immediately get good, quality medical care and track down evidence before it gets lost. More and more often, the negligent driver is not paying attention to the road because he is on his phone, but it’s you that pays for his negligence. Our team knows how to track down those phone records to prove your case. We also can do a full accident reconstruction of your collision when the insurance company refuses to take your injury seriously. M&H even has specialized equipment, such as drones, to perform site and vehicle inspections. We put technology to work to win your case.

If the medical professional you choose for care is negligent in any way, you could also deserve compensation due to malpractice. Medical malpractice is much more personalized, since it was your own trusted doctor who hurt you. If you think your doctor has done something wrong, schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys to determine the true extent of your claims.

Hold a property owner accountable whenever their negligence leads to a costly injury. When a neighbor pet bites, that neighbor should be proven liable for your injuries and medical bills in a court of law. Should you slip and fall at someone’s home or business due to carelessness on their part, our attorneys are ready to file an accident claim.

Our group is capable of giving your case the personalized attention it deserves. Seek the income you have lost from time missed at work and avoid medical bankruptcy with the reasoned counsel provided by our team of attorneys.
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Searching online for an “attorney near me” or “Atlanta attorney near me” brings up a slew of results, including amateur attorneys claiming to be experts without much real experience. Unfortunately, many attorneys never go to court, including some who advertise on billboards. By comparison, the Morrison & Hughes team has a history of multi-million-dollar results and has handled some of the biggest injury claims in Georgia.

Contact us right away to seek the compensation you deserve after you suffer bodily harm. We proudly serve clients across Georgia, with offices in Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta, Hiram, LaGrange, Fayetteville, and surrounding communities.

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Take back control of your case - and your life.

Get the attentive legal advice and support you need to win.

Receive every benefit and recovery you deserve under the law.

Take back control of your case - and your life.

Get the attentive legal advice and support you need to win.

Receive every benefit and recovery you deserve under the law.

Lawsuits can be overwhelming and exhausting, especially when you have been injured or are going up against an employer or insurance company. You don't have to fight alone - with expert attorneys with decades of experience in personal injury, workers' compensation, and social security and disability, Morrison & Hughes has the experience to guide you all the way through to life after lawsuits.

Results: $575,000 For Our Client Injured At Work


Although the at-fault party claimed to have not caused the accident, our accident reconstruction team was able to prove that our client was the innocent party. Morrison & Hughes was able to secure great medical treatment for our client and recover a fair and reasonable settlement from the insurance company.


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I am very pleased with how Tristan handled my case. I found him through another firm, but knew nothing about him other than their recommendation. I found him to be knowledgeable and precise in his dealings with my case. I would highly recommend him to others who are in need of his professional advice.



I had a major accident, so I needed an attorney that could handle a big case. My sister and I looked on the internet, and we chose Morrison & Hughes because they had such a good reputation. It was the right choice and I'm so glad that I didn't choose a TV lawyer! The lawyers at MH are friendly and easy to talk to. They understood how to handle my case from the beginning, even though it had a lot of complicated issues. I'm going to be recovering from my injuries for a long time, so I needed a lawyer who could go the distance.



Mr. Morrison is one other the most helpful attorneys I know. He is kind and also good at his job. He is straight to the point.

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Tracy was seriously injured at work. She turned to Morrison & Hughes to help guide her through a difficult time


Randy was injured in a rear-end collision while on the job, resulting in catastrophic injuries to his neck, leaving him


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