Unpaid Labor in Marietta, GA

Get paid the right amount for your hard work and claim the overtime pay you deserve for any unpaid labor in Marietta, GA. You are entitled to overtime pay whenever you work more than 40 hours a week. The law is clear when it comes to compensation for hourly employees, and yet many employers still try to avoid paying time and a half for that work.

An employer that avoids paying overtime or one that secretly cuts your pay is potentially in violation of federal law. According to the Department of Labor, the misclassification of employees as exempt is a serious problem facing workers today. That is why it’s critical to review your timecard for any discrepancies.

Resolve any confusion about your employment status, and get a clear understanding of what you may be owed when you sit down for a consultation with one of our attorneys. Depending on your particular position and the field that you are in, you may be classified as an independent contractor. Sort through the complications and get the overtime pay you deserve.

Your Pay for Working off the Clock

You should seek legal counsel if you are being encouraged to work while off of the clock. Federal law is clear when it comes to overtime pay and the 40-hour work week. The economy is in a constant state of flux, and this can often blur the lines that delineate independent contractors and hourly employees.

Regardless of what your employer may be telling you about your status as an hourly employee, it is critical that you get the facts. Your job title and your contract don’t change the facts when it comes to what you are owed. If your employer is ignoring your requests for overtime pay, the next call you make should be to our office for a consultation.

Resolving Wage Issues

Our group has been practicing in this area of law for more than 10 years, and we know the differences between executives, administrative employees, outside sales representatives, and hourly earners. There is a complex test to determine if each level of exemption is appropriate, and employers often misclassify their employees to avoid paying additional overtime.

Contact us today if you are concerned about unpaid labor and your rights as an employee. We proudly serve clients in Marietta and Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding communities.