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Whether you are a single person trying to save for retirement, or a parent caring for a family, an injury in the workplace can put everything you have worked so hard for at risk. When you put your body on the line for an employer, you expect a reasonable level of support when you get injured, but your employer’s insurance company will have other ideas in mind when the time comes to pay your mounting hospital bills.

If you have an injury while working, even if it was your own fault, you are almost always entitled to benefits. You should notify your boss as soon as you are injured. Your rights to compensation as a worker may be at risk if you fail to inform your employer of your injuries immediately. Understanding the intricacies of workers’ compensation laws can be critical to securing the compensation you need to provide for your family and pay your mortgage. Also, watch out for “friendly” insurance adjusters and their suggestions. In workers’ compensation, you may think that adjuster is helping you, but the adjuster is actually paid to minimize your claim. Your best option is to immediately obtain legal representation after a serious work injury.

Our attorneys are prepared to make your case in court when a workplace injury prevents you from doing your job. Just because an employer accuses you of being careless doesn’t mean they get to deny you the benefits you deserve. Secure the services of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer and get the treatment you need for your injuries.

Making a Medical Claim
Immediately notify your employer of an accident, but don’t go to the first doctor they recommend, even if your employer says that you are “required” to go to a clinic. The first doctor you see has tremendous control over how well your claim will go – or how badly. Call us before picking that doctor, and we will decide on the best option for you together. Workers’ compensation is a confusing system, and your employer and the insurance company may not be interested in helping you recover fully. They will want you to pick doctors that are deep in their pockets, or clinics that provide substandard care. To fight back, your Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney needs to know the local doctors, and will have spent time developing relationships with those doctors.

An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can help you navigate this complicated process and advise you on your rights. Provide your employer and your lawyer with as much information as possible about the accident and the resulting injury. When an employer’s insurance company attempts to deny your claim, you may face the prospect of paying for your rehabilitation out of pocket. Let us help you to avoid their denial before they even try to shut down your claim.
Vocational Injuries
On the job injuries can come in many forms. A workplace injury could lead to something as seemingly insignificant as a strained knee, or as serious as permanent blindness and death. We are prepared to litigate any kind of accident claims, including spinal and traumatic brain injuries, amputations, burn cases, broken bones, and catastrophic claims.

Learn more about what is covered under the law when it comes to medical benefits and liability. Our team may be able to demonstrate that a stroke or heart attack was caused by the conditions in your workplace. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may need assistance filing for disability and Social Security Disability.

1. Electric Shock, Explosions, Arc Flash, and Fires

Since 2021, Morrison & Hughes has handled the biggest work accident claim in Georgia, and it involves an industrial electrical injury. Our client received over $11 Million of benefits for medical care during the first few months after his work accident, including extensive burn care at a specialized facility. At any construction site, workers use generators, powerful machinery, welders, electrical wiring, and switches. Construction workers also have to handle flammable materials and compressed air, both of which present the danger of fire or explosion. All these tasks put employees at a higher risk of suffering an electric shock or from an arc flash. In situations like these, hiring an attorney who knows how to handle a catastrophic burn injury can literally be the difference between life and death.

2. Falls from a height

Roofers, Electricians, and Carpenters are far more likely to suffer a bad fall than the public. Whether a worker falls from a roof, scaffolding, or machinery, a severe injury is almost inevitable from a certain height. The construction accident attorneys at Morrison & Hughes are skilled in bringing workers’ compensation claims involving multi-story buildings, factories, and large construction projects involving multiple contractors.

The proper safety equipment does help to decrease the number of falls, especially for workers who work on elevated structures or in the air. However, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, even if the insurer accuses you of failing to wear safety equipment,

3. Transportation Accidents

OSHA tells us that 39% of the occupational fatalities in 2018 happened because of a transportation accident. From being struck by a truck or tractor, to being injured by a trailer or crane, Morrison & Hughes has experience handling the case. Common injuries in these cases include broken bones, crush injuries, spinal disc herniations, and brain damage.

4. Tripping, Slipping, and Falling Materials

Constructions sites are covered in tools and building materials. They are places fraught with tripping and slipping hazards. Add in adverse conditions like snow, sleet, rain and ice, and it’s easy to see why tripling and slipping accidents are so common.

Construction materials and tools also cause workplace accidents when they fall. Materials like metal, wood, and pipes are heavy and will cause severe injuries if the employee is struck from above, particularly when the employer does not provide protective gear. Personal protective gear essential for construction workers include gloves, hard hats, safety glasses, and steel or composite-toed boots.

5. Trench and Bridge Collapses

Mr. Morrison recently appeared on the news for his work on the I-20 Bridge Collapse, representing a worker who fell over 75 feet into the Yellow River in Newton County. To view the news video, click here []

Likewise, trenches are found in many construction sites, especially with new buildings or underground piping needs changing. However, a collapsing trench poses a danger to all employees, especially when proper precautions are not taken by the employer. In Georgia, trenches deeper than 5 feet should have a protective system in place before any workers enter it.
How Do I Hire A Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney?
Searching online for a “work accident attorney near me” or “workers’ compensation attorney near me” brings up a slew of results, including amateur attorneys claiming to be experts without much real experience with work accident claims. By comparison, the Morrison & Hughes team has a history of multi-million-dollar results and has handled some of the biggest injury claims in Georgia. In fact, Morrison & Hughes recently received the largest workers’ compensation settlement offer in Georgia history.
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Take back control of your case - and your life.

Get the attentive legal advice and support you need to win.

Receive every benefit and recovery you deserve under the law.

Take back control of your case - and your life.

Get the attentive legal advice and support you need to win.

Receive every benefit and recovery you deserve under the law.

Lawsuits can be overwhelming and exhausting, especially when you have been injured or are going up against an employer or insurance company. You don't have to fight alone - with expert attorneys with decades of experience in personal injury, workers' compensation, and social security and disability, Morrison & Hughes has the experience to guide you all the way through to life after lawsuits.

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