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If you’ve been in a car or truck accident, have sustained a personal injury, or are seeking workers’ compensation benefits, don’t go up against the insurance companies unarmed. Hire The Big Guns to fight for your rights! Our award-winning team of attorneys are injury experts who understand the emotional and financial impact of litigation. From catastrophic work accidents, to wrongful death claims, and tractor-trailer wrecks, our firm has a proven history of getting better settlements and better results at trial.

Our legal team stands out above the rest, combining years of legal experience with the aggressive use of innovative technologies, such as 3D printing and virtual reality.  With offices in Marietta, Alpharetta, and others around the State coming soon, we have the resources and manpower to secure the win. Also, our goal is to make the process easy for you. We can come to you, no matter where you live in Georgia, from Fulton County Atlanta, to Savannah, Rome and Augusta, we are there. And we know how much is riding on your case, which is why we go above and beyond to communicate with you, working together to come up with a solution that fits your needs and supports your family.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, pull out The Big Guns! Give us a call at (404) 800-5297 or click to schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled attorneys.

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If you’ve been involved in a car accident, are dealing with a personal injury, or need workers' compensation benefits, you need an attorney that’s going to protect your family from financial ruin while you focus on your recovery. The Morrison & Hughes Law Firm was founded to fight for the rights of those injured in auto accidents, on the job, and everything between; our attorneys specialize in handling traffic accidents and workers’ compensation claims in Marietta, GA, serving the people of greater Atlanta.

Honesty, efficiency, and reliability are all qualities that are absolute necessities when the time comes to choose your case’s lawyer. After a car accident, the medical bills and wages lost from time spent away from work can begin to overwhelm you, but there’s something you can do about it. Instead of putting your family and your job at risk, make the call to our firm for an initial consultation. For over 10 years, our lawyers have helped those who have been injured in auto accidents, on the job, and anywhere else, fight for the compensation they deserve.

You’ll find the answers to all of your questions regarding your case when you choose one of our attorneys. Experience matters when it comes to car accidents, workers comp, and personal injury claims, so it makes sense to work with a team of attorneys that have handled cases involving on-job accidents, auto accidents, slip and falls, disability, and even deaths due to negligence. When you call our firm or visit our offices, you are sure to get the personalized attention you need.

Personal Injury & Car Accident Attorneys that Work for You

In the aftermath of a devastating car accident, you may be dealing with much more than just vehicular damage; an inoperable vehicle and serious personal injuries can completely disrupt the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to attain. Major car accidents and injuries at your job could lead to medical bankruptcy or the loss of your home, which is why we do everything we can to hold the negligent party accountable. Our personal injury and auto accident attorneys understand that for you, the only thing that matters is maintaining your family’s wellbeing, which is why we work hard to ensure that you’re getting all of the information, resources, and tools available for your day in court. We make it our duty to put your needs first, fighting to ensure you get every dollar you are owed.

Fighting for Financial Compensation

The responsible party should always cover injuries suffered as a result of their negligence. When someone causes you bodily harm, the courts provide an avenue to seek just compensation. Take advantage of this opportunity to set things right, and choose a firm that focuses on the needs of the injured.

Contact us today to secure the services of a firm whose attorneys specialize in car accidents, traffic accident law, and workers compensation. We’re proud to serve clients in Marietta, greater Atlanta, and all of its surrounding communities.


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