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Crucial Questions to Consider When Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

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A car accident of any degree, from the common fender bender to life-altering collisions, can bring emotional, financial and physical damage to any of the parties involved. Involvement in a car accident is already enough of a headache, but it can turn even worse if the accident requires legal action beyond filing a claim for insurance. If you find yourself seeking legal counsel from a car accident lawyer, be sure to ask these important questions to ensure you find the right fit for you and your case.

What is Your Experience with a Case Like Mine?

In addition to inquiring about your potential car accident lawyer’s professional background and experience, consider asking what specific experience they have with a case like yours. All cases are unique, but there are central themes that remain the same, and a car accident lawyer who has – not just a lot of experience – but a lot of experience handling cases with similar structure to yours will be what sets them apart.

If your type of case is new to them or they don’t have proven success handling similar cases, they may not be as well equipped or familiar with the best practices and strategies to fight your case effectively. Be sure to ask so you know your unique needs are being met with skill.

What’s Your Assessment of My Case?

Once the potential car accident lawyer has had a chance to review your case, don’t be afraid to ask for their honest opinion and assessment. Their assessment will address questions like, “What sort of financial settlement is realistic in this case?” and “Is this case likely to go to trial?”

Getting an honest assessment of your case is important to establish realistic expectations for the case and any possible financial settlements. If you’re at fault, you’ll want a car accident lawyer that is honest with you about your options and presents a viable path to move forward with as few negative implications as possible.

Will You Manage My Case, or Will Another Attorney?

Don’t be afraid to ask a car accident lawyer about their legal philosophy, case management style and practical approach to overseeing a case. It’s not uncommon for the attorney who assessed your case and gave you the consultation to pass it along to another attorney in the practice.

Asking about their case management style will also help you prepare for a trial, whether or not they will be the ones to represent you and if there will be other attorneys in the firm working on your case. If you and this car accident lawyer connect on legal philosophy and case management style, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

What Are the Estimated Costs?

Of course, when considering multiple car accident lawyers to determine which is the right fit for you and your case, the question of cost comes into play. It may feel slightly tacky at first to ask about money, but budgets are real and it’s important we stick to our means.

Asking for an estimate on the costs of your case are something the car accident lawyer should willingly divulge. Ask whether they charge a contingency fee or hourly rate, what happens in the event a settlement isn’t reached, if there’s a retainer fee, and if there are other expenses you can expect to encounter.

Hire the Right Car Accident Lawyer

The stress of being in a car accident can be overwhelming. However, it’s important to keep a level head and ask the important questions to any car accident lawyer you’re considering for your case.

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marietta car accident lawyer

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