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Consider These Common Ride Share Concerns from an Auto Accident Lawyer

Morrison & Hughes Auto Accident Lawyer

Uber and Lyft driving services have skyrocketed, making the trend one that is commonly talked about and examined. With Uber you can get a safe ride or become an independent contractor – understandable why the company has become a hot topic around town. Just how safe is ride share, though? Consider these concerns from an auto accident lawyer.

In the Marietta and the Atlanta area, over 2,000 people are interactive with the local Uber Facebook page.

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Personal Injury Lawyer in Marietta Advises – Settlement or Lawsuit?

Morrison & Hughes Personal Injury Lawyer in Marietta

She never saw it coming. The one-ton pickup ran a red light and plowed into her subcompact at an intersection, destroying her vehicle and her life dreams in an instant. Amy’s car accident resulted in devastating injuries, multiple surgeries, and ultimately, the loss of her leg, which was so damaged it could not be saved. Recovering from such trauma can take months, years, or perhaps never. Some things can’t be put back the way they once were. But on top of all the pain is the reality of dealing with the legal fallout from an accident. Amy knew she couldn’t handle it alone. She called a professional—a personal injury lawyer in Marietta, GA. Continue reading

Defamed by a Doctor? Caselaw Update

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attorney-picWhat rights do I have when a doctor writes something false or hurtful in my medical records during a workers’ compensation claim? 

CASE:   Jasarevic v. Foster, A15A2218 (citation pending), decided January 26, 2016.

Mr. Jasarevic was injured at work, and the State Board of Workers’ Compensation determined that Dr. Foster would be his authorized treating physician. An authorized treating physician (“ATP”) has a lot of power in a workers’ compensation claim, because the ATP is allowed to make decisions about whether an injured employee is able to work, what treatment the employee can get, and whether the employee can be referred to other specialists. The ATP also shares his or her notes with the insurance company in most situations. So, whatever the ATP writes about your case in his medical notes has a huge impact on the care and benefits that you get. If you suspect your doctor is working in favor of the defense, don’t hesitate to call a workers’ compensation lawyer. Continue reading