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Disability Benefits: What is the Difference Between SSI and SSDI? From a Marietta Injury Lawyer

Disability Benefits: What is the Difference Between SSI and SSDI?

Most people know that if they become disabled and cannot work, there is some type of government program that can provide disability benefits to those who qualify. The terminology can be confusing though—SSI, SSDI—what exactly are they, what’s the difference, and who qualifies? Here’s an overview from a Marietta injury lawyer to get you started.

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Marietta Personal Injury Attorney Shares Five Factors Behind the Uptick in Pedestrian Accidents

Morrison & Hughes Marietta Personal Injury Attorney Pedestrian Accidents

Here’s a frightening statistic: Over 100,000 pedestrians a year in the United States are struck by vehicles. Pedestrian injuries and fatalities are rising faster than ever before, according to a study by the Governors Highway Safety Association. “We are projecting the largest year-to-year increase in pedestrian injuries and fatalities since national records have been kept, and therefore we are quite alarmed,” said an author of the study. This increase may have you wondering what could be the cause, so consider these five factors outlined by a skilled marietta personal injury attorney. Continue reading