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Ask Workers Compensation Lawyers: Is Your Case Worth Taking to Court?

Workers Compensation Lawyers Marietta GA

It only takes a moment for an injury at work to turn your world upside down. If you suffer an injury or an illness caused by your job, you may not know what to do next. The first step is to asses your situation, and determine whether you need the assistance of workers’ compensation lawyers.

What happens if you have to be off work? 

Are you entitled to workers’ compensation benefits? 

Here is some important information to consider from the workers’ compensation lawyers in our Marietta, GA office.

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Get the Most of Your SSDI, SSI Benefits with a Marietta, GA Personal Injury Lawyer

Morrison & Hughes Marietta GA Personal Injury Lawyer

Do you need help with the government’s complex rules about getting disability benefits for yourself or a loved one?  

How do you know when you are you entitled to SSDI, SSI, or other forms of government assistance?

When a disabling injury or illness strikes, a strong advocate can be the difference between being getting the benefits you deserve, and the sinking feeling of despair in having your application denied. Securing an expert Marietta, GA personal injury lawyer is the best way to ensure your bases are covered and that you get the best chance at the benefits you need and earned.

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Standard of Care and Medical Malpractice: Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

Morrison & Hughes Personal Injury Lawyer Medical Malpractice

As personal injury lawyers as well as community members in Marietta, GA, we’d like to believe that doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals will always provide the right treatment. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s just not the case.

Errors by medical staff can lead to traumatic injuries and death.

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