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Nursing Home Negligence During COVID-19: Marietta Personal Injury Attorney Advises on Possibility for Suit

Morrison and Hughes Marietta Personal Injury Attorney

In recent months, even the most careful, professional health care providers have faced unique problems and heartbreaking dilemmas related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Despite the health care system’s best efforts, many families are grappling with losing family and are unsure of where to turn for justice. Calling a Marietta personal injury attorney may be the first step to determining what that justice could look like.

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Marietta Injury Lawyer Insight: Government Health Care Protections and Lawsuits Resulting from COVID-19

Marietta Injury Lawyer Morrison and Hughes

When a COVID-19 or coronavirus infection could have been prevented, or was improperly treated, patients and their families may reasonably feel that their legal rights were violated in the event of a death or critically ill status. Yet, it is also true that health care providers are forced to deal with a virus they don’t fully understand and must make difficult decisions based on limited information. While there have been lawsuits popping up surrounding negligence of nursing homes and similar facilities, a qualified Marietta injury lawyer will tell you there are steps put in place by the government during a pandemic to protect health care workers against personal injury suits.

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Do I Need a Marietta Car Accident Attorney to Get My Police Report?

Morrison and Hughes Marietta Car Accident Attorney Police Accident Report

A police report is an official document prepared by the law enforcement officer who responds after your auto accident. If you have an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you should always call the police, because the police report is essential to your injury claim. Once you have contacted police, then be sure to call a Marietta car accident attorney as to your best option for next steps.

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