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Marietta Accident Attorney Discusses How an Auto Accident Can Affect Your Insurance

Marietta Accident Attorney insurance

If you live in the Atlanta area, the most vital thing to do after an auto crash is to get a certified and experienced Marietta accident attorney. Auto insurance can be affected by a range of issues. No matter the reason of your motor vehicle accident, learn how a crash can affect your insurance and why you need the help of a car accident attorney.

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Can You Handle the Aftermath of Your Wreck Alone? When to Hire a Car Accident Attorney


Out of millions of car crashes every year, most people are capable of handling the fallout of an accident alone. Yet, a large amount of car accidents result in tragedies and people needing hospital care. A car accident attorney is skilled with handling personal injury claims, car accident settlements, and much more.

Were you or someone you know involved in a car accident in the Atlanta area? Get your free accident report here now. Don’t waste time handling such a scary and stressful event alone if you are struggling. Learn when it is time to hire a car accident lawyer.

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Top 5 Mistakes Patients Make At Concentra. Number 4 Will Shock You!


When a work injury happens, employers are quick to send an injured employee to an “occupational clinic” such as Concentra, US Healthworks, Nova, or Caduceus. According to a 2017 interview with Concentra’s Chief Executive Keith Newton, 1 out of 8 workers will be seen at a Concentra practice for injury care. However, patients routinely make mistakes before, during, and after their visit to an occupational clinic.

We asked the top Georgia injury attorneys to provide opinions on the mistakes that prevent workers from getting the best care, and things that injured workers can do to avoid permanently damaging their workers’ compensation claims.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 mistakes that injured workers make related to a clinic like Concentra.

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Car Accident Lawyer Insight: How Senior Citizens Prone to Falling Can Crash

Car Accident Lawyer Senior Citizens

It’s no secret that many people face mobility challenges as they get older. Falls are a significant source of injury for seniors. According to a licensed car accident lawyer, falls are also associated with a greater risk of motor vehicle accidents in older adults. While this may seem like a stretch, experienced auto accident lawyers will tell you the common causes for falls in senior citizens are also the same hinderances that can make driving difficult.

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Work Accident Attorney Advice: Issues with Workers’ Compensation Check


by Jonathan Smith 

As a partner with Morrison & Hughes, handling workers’ compensation claims, I often hear from injured workers who call me because their weekly workers’ compensation check is late, missing, or totally denied.  What can be done about a late or missing check, and how can an injured worker avoid losing out on these weekly “indemnity” benefits? How long does a hurt employee wait before googling “work accident attorney near me!”

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