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How to Choose the Best Alpharetta Truck Accident Lawyer


Have you been struggling with the fallout of a truck crash in the state of Georgia and need legal representation? An Alpharetta truck accident lawyer is the premier choice. Are you are dealing with a personal injury from a truck collision? Do you want justice for a loved one who suffered a wrongful death from a reckless truck driver? Injuries and other problems caused from truck accidents can be much more serious than car accidents. Learn how to find the truck accident attorney right for your case.

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Common Driving Distractions that Could Lead to a Car Accident

car_accident attorney_atlanta_distracted_driving

written by Phil Lorenz, Esq.

Recently, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted a study of the most common distractions that are likely to occur while driving and distract the driver’s attention, thereby possible leading to a car accident. Participants in the study performed a number of tasks in three different settings: (1) while not driving; (2) while driving in a simulator; and (3) while actually driving.

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