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Do I Need a Dash Cam, or Just a Skilled Truck Accident Attorney in Marietta?

Morrison & Hughes Truck Accident Attorney in Marietta

Have you ever found yourself scrolling endlessly through addicting dash-cam videos on Facebook or Instagram? If so, you have probably wondered whether you should get one of your own. In the event of an accident with a truck or other vehicle, you will want to have every piece of evidence possible to absolve you of any responsibility, so picking up a dash cam might not be a bad idea. With or without one, a good truck accident attorney in Marietta will be able to help fight your case.

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Look Out Labor Day – Personal Injury Lawsuits & the Holidays

Morrison & Hughes Personal Injury Lawsuits

We all know the feeling – bags packed, sunscreen covered, cooler stocked – all the perfect beginnings to a relaxing holiday weekend. However, with the joy and festivities holidays bring often comes a greater potential for an accident. Whether it’s challenging seasonal weather, like black ice, parties which put drunk drivers on the road, or just the sheer number of people on the highway for holiday travel, it’s no wonder we often see a rise in personal injury lawsuits around the holidays.

Avoid becoming another statistic and remain vigilant to any possible injury-inducing situations or activities while on vacation.

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What Happens if I Get into a Car or Trucking Accident While Working?

Morrison & Hughes Law Workers Compensation Lawyers Personal Injury Case

Depending on the nature of your accident, you may have multiple legal actions. This is good, because there are times when you can effectively “double dip” on your recovery.  The first legal action is against the at-fault party in your car or trucking accident (i.e. the negligent driver).  The second legal action is against your employer’s insurance company for Workers’ Compensation. With the help of skilled workers’ compensation lawyers, you will be able to better navigate towards a successful settlement in your workers’ comp and personal injury case.

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Is It ‘Okay’ to Receive Unemployment Benefits After Applying for Social Security Disability?

Morrison & Hughes Social Security Disability Attorneys Atlanta Georgia

By Paul L. Jenkins, Esq.

In recent months, our country has seen historic levels of job loss amidst a raging pandemic, which has threatened the economic security of working-class Americans in ways not seen since the Great Depression. For some, losing their jobs is just the beginning, and calling social security disability attorneys might be higher up on the To-Do List than anticipated.

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Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Warn of the Danger of Going to an Occupational Clinic

Morrison & Hughes Workers Compensation Lawyers

Most workers’ compensation lawyers will tell you that one of the biggest mistakes an injured worker can make is agreeing to treat at an occupational health clinic. In Georgia, numerous health clinics present themselves as experts or specialists in occupational medicine. Some of these clinics include:

  • Concentra (a.k.a. Concentra Medical Center, Concentra Occupational Health,
  • and Concentra Urgent Care);
  • S. HealthWorks;
  • Nova(a.k.a. Nova Medical Center);
  • Caduceus (a.k.a. Caduceus Occupational Medicine and Caduceus USA); and
  • Occupational HealthworX.

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The Truth About Low-Speed, Rear-Impact Collisions and Bodily Injuries

Morrison and Hughes Personal Injury Attorneys Truth About Rear Impact Collisions

As you can well imagine, being struck from the rear is a common occurrence when driving around metro Atlanta.  Just look to your right and your left, your review mirror, or at the car immediately in front of you and chances are you won’t see anyone adhering to the old admonition of leaving one car space for every 10 mph of speed. Following too closely to the car ahead of reduces the time you have to react when you see brake lights and be able to stop in time to avoid rear-ending them. With the high risk for car accidents in Atlanta, it’s a good idea to have personal injury attorneys you trust.

The Truth About Low-Speed, Rear-Impact Collisions and Bodily Injuries

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Nursing Home Negligence During COVID-19: Marietta Personal Injury Attorney Advises on Possibility for Suit

Morrison and Hughes Marietta Personal Injury Attorney

In recent months, even the most careful, professional health care providers have faced unique problems and heartbreaking dilemmas related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Despite the health care system’s best efforts, many families are grappling with losing family and are unsure of where to turn for justice. Calling a Marietta personal injury attorney may be the first step to determining what that justice could look like.

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Marietta Injury Lawyer Insight: Government Health Care Protections and Lawsuits Resulting from COVID-19

Marietta Injury Lawyer Morrison and Hughes

When a COVID-19 or coronavirus infection could have been prevented, or was improperly treated, patients and their families may reasonably feel that their legal rights were violated in the event of a death or critically ill status. Yet, it is also true that health care providers are forced to deal with a virus they don’t fully understand and must make difficult decisions based on limited information. While there have been lawsuits popping up surrounding negligence of nursing homes and similar facilities, a qualified Marietta injury lawyer will tell you there are steps put in place by the government during a pandemic to protect health care workers against personal injury suits.

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Do I Need a Marietta Car Accident Attorney to Get My Police Report?

Morrison and Hughes Marietta Car Accident Attorney Police Accident Report

A police report is an official document prepared by the law enforcement officer who responds after your auto accident. If you have an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you should always call the police, because the police report is essential to your injury claim. Once you have contacted police, then be sure to call a Marietta car accident attorney as to your best option for next steps.

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